132 daughters benefitted from ‘Chhori Pewa Bachhat' scheme

Pyuthan, June 18 (RSS): One hundred and thirty-two daughters have been benefitted from ‘Chhori Pewa Bachat Programme’, a saving scheme for daughter's education, launched by Sirumarani Rural Municipality of Pyuthan district from fiscal year 2018/19.

The programme was implemented for the daughters born from the beginning of fiscal year 2018/19, according to Sirumarani Rural Municipality. Daughters born in six wards of the Rural Municipality have been benefitted from the programme.

One hundred rupees have been deposited every month in two cooperatives for the daughters born in previous fiscal year. Preparation has been made to increase the amount to Rs 200 from Rs 100 in the current fiscal year.

A total of Rs 250,000 was allocated under the topic 'gender equality and social inclusion’ last year. Sirumarani Rural Municipality has allocated Rs 300 thousand in the current fiscal year for the same. Chief Administrative Officer of the Rural Municipality, Amar Bahadur Gharti, said they had set a plan to deposit the amount as Rs 200 for each daughter at cooperatives within few days. Rural municipality Chairperson, Jhag Bahadur Bishwokarma, shared that the local level brought the model scheme in the district with creative thought.