NRNA welcomes bill on amending Citizenship Act approved by SAC

(Suraj Bhandari)

Texas (US), June 23 (RSS): The Non-Resident Nepalis' Association (NRNA) has welcomed the citizenship bill approved by the State Affairs and Good Governance Committee

Committee decision has come as a next step to ensure citizenship to those Nepalis associated with NRNA. It has ensured the constitutional rights to the NRNA.

"Further categorizing citizenship in four kinds, the bill has made separate provision on NRNA," said Vice-Chairman of NRNA, Dr Badri KC, adding that it was very positive endeavour indeed. The NRNA, as Dr KC said, had been putting forth this demand science 2009.

Moreover, he said the NRNA believes that the bill will now be passed by both parliaments by not doing anything different from the Committee's proposal.

He also hoped similar cooperation from the political parties in future. However, there would not have political right to NRNA with the bill.