22 people die from COVID-19 in Nepal

Kathmandu, June 20 (RSS): The government has increased scope of PCR tests amid increasing COVID-19 cases, said the Ministry of Health and Population. In the last 24 hours, the Ministry has conducted 7,416 swab tests at various 24 laboratories, said the Ministry's spokesperson Prof Dr Jageshwor Gautam at a press conference organised by the Ministry here on Saturday.

            These tests are highest so far, he said. PCR tests of 6,231 people took place on Friday alone, it has been said. The government was prepared to conduct 10,000 PCR tests on a daily basis from June 29, said the Ministry.

            So far, PCR tests of 1,69,165 people were conducted across the country. Likewise, RDT tests of 252,300 people were conducted with 4,426 in the last 24 hours, said Spokesperson Dr Gautam.

            One lakh two thousand and two hundred forty five people have been quarantined across the country and 7,005 kept in isolation.  The number of the infected people who have been discharged from health institutions have reached 1,578 (1,437 men and 141 women) with 176 (158 men and 18 women) in the last 24 hours. Twenty two people have died from COVID-19 so far.