APF border outpost set up in Hilsa border

           Simkot, June 20 (RSS):  Armed Police Force (APF)'s border outpost (BOP) has been set up for the first time at Hilsa in the northern Namkha rural municipality of Humla district bordering the neighbouring country China.

            An APF team had reached Hilsa only some days back for establishing the BOP. The border outpost was set up in the presence of APF Deputy Inspector General engineer Pratap Babu Shrestha and Chief District Officer Chiranjivi Giri.

            Twenty five APF personnel would be stationed at the BOP at Hilsa, APF Humla chief, Mohan Bista, said. A 10-member team led by Deputy Superintendent of APF 's Number 44 Company, Bista, had reached Hilsa crossing the snow-covered Nara mountain pass at an altitude of 4,000 metres last month.

            The APF border outpost was set up today after the team completed all the management aspects for this including taking a house on rent. Besides securing the border, the BOP will also keep a watch on criminal and illegal activities taking place at the border. The APF's border outpost would be led by an Inspector.

            Before this, Nepal Police team had been maintaining border security at Hilsa and with the establishment of its border outpost APF has also mobilised for border security from this year.