HAN Pokhara chapter demands exemption of electricity tariff

Chipledhunga, June 23 (RSS): The Western Regional Hotel Association Nepal has urged the government to exempt demand tariff of the electricity in the wake of the closure of hotels owing to COVID-19 lockdown.  The Association reminded the government that the hotel sector received severe dent due to the spread of coronavirus.

The Association Chief Bikal Tulachan led a team to a meeting with Nepal Electricity Authority's Distribution and Customers Service Directorate on Monday. Directorate Chief Teknath Tiwari was drawn attention to not impose electricity fee at all to them because they were not able to make business in the crisis.

Tulachan further complained that why the Association's demands were not addressed before the beginning of new fiscal year though the government was reminded of it on time. Although the hotel sector was recognized as an industry, the government facilities and discount were not provided to it, he added.

As the hoteliers were ready to pay the tariff they had incurred so far, the arrangement could be made that they could pay after the restoration of normal situation.

State chief of the Authority said he was aware that the hotel sector faced tremendous difficulty and it was logical for discount on charge.

Bank loan, interest and other installments have emptied hotelier's accounts, so they needed government help, it was said.