Landslide damages drinking water pipe

Galkot, June 23 (RSS): The landslide occurred in various parts in Baglung district has damaged the pipe supplying drinking water to Balung bazaar. The drinking water pipe was swept away at origin of Bhudikhola, Dobillo and Resam, which has completely disrupted the drinking water supply.

The Baglung bazaar has been facing acute shortage of drinking water for two days. Manager at Baglung Municipal Water and Sanitation Consumers' Association, Himal Sharma, said they had no other alternative after the pipe was damaged by the landslides. Although the employees were mobilized for repairing and replacing the water pipe, the incessant rainfall occurred on Sunday badly hampered the work.

"It is taking much time for the technicians to fix problems because it was damaged in various places," he said, adding that it would take some more days for the bazaar people to have regular supply of drinking water.

In some places like Jireti of Resham area, it is difficult to access. Daily 20 litres water per second is supplied to Baglung bazaar from Bhudi stream.