Monitoring committees to be extended to ward level

Surkhet, June 23 (RSS): Karnali State has decided to extend the monitoring committees to ward level and make them more active and effective.

The meeting of the Karnali State disaster management council and executive committee held under the chairmanship of its coordinator and Minister for Internal Affairs and Law, Naresh Bhandari, took this decision in order to curb black marketing and well manage the quarantine facilities.

The activities of the monitoring at district, municipality and ward level would be intensified for it.

The monitoring would be conducted phase wise- for 10 days from June 24 for the first phase, Minister Bhandari said, adding that coordination would be made with the concerned bodies to ensure WHO standard at the quarantine and isolation facilities in the State.

The stakeholders concerned will be mobilized to check whether the shops have cheated customers with excessive price and whether people have maintained social distance and used mask and sanitizers. "Progress of the monitoring committee at State level will also be reviewed and its report sent to the higher level," Minister Bhandari shared.

The State government has also requested people to contact hotline number 1110 and phone no 083-521350 to file complaints on black-marketing and quarantine mismanagement.