Number of infected double than isolation bed capacity

           Bhimduttanagar, June 20 (RSS): Many infected are outside the access of hospital facility in the Sudurpaschim State though it was urgent to treat them keeping them in isolation ward. The hospitals and health institutions in nine districts of the state have isolation wards with capacity to accommodate 333 infected but the number of people testing positive for deadly coronavirus has reached 770.

            According to the Sudurpaschim State Health Directorate, the isolation wards here so far have 114 infected people while there are 40 suspected patients.

            The virus-infected here are staying at home quarantines as per the circular of the state government, informed director at state health directorate Dr Gunaraj Awasthee.

            A circular was made from top-brass to inform the infected not showing coronavirus symptoms to stay at home quarantines with high-level precautions, he said. However, those home quarantined are in constant touch with health workers at all local levels. He further said they would be kept in isolation and provided with treatment only following the coronavirus symptoms were developed.

            Therefore, almost all local levels here have ramped up the capacity of isolation wards to respond to the spurt in COVID-19 cases, he shared.

            Likewise, quarantines have been brought into operation in total 2,068 areas at 88 local governments in the State. These quarantines are accommodating 37,205 suspects. As of last Friday, coronavirus test were performed among 10,245 through PCR procedure and 96,760 through RDT procedure in the State.