Partial solar eclipse taking place tomorrow

           Kathmandu, June 21 (RSS): A partial solar eclipse is taking place today. Nepal Calendar Determination  Committee said the eclipse will start at 10:50 am, will reach its mid-point at 12:38 pm and end at 2:23 pm.

            Committee president Prof Dr Ram Chandra Gautam said the eclipse will be visible from Nepal for a duration of three hours and 33 minutes. This is the only solar eclipse to be seen from Nepal this year.

            Nepal Astronomical Society's president Suresh Bhattarai said one can observe the solar eclipse by adopting eye protection methods.

            It may be recalled here that a total solar eclipse was visible from State-1 on November 23, 1965. The next total solar eclipse will occur on February 17, 2064 and it will be visible from the south-eastern part of State-1.

            Although today's solar eclipse would be a total eclipse for some parts of the world, it will only be partial (half of the sun would be blocked) in the case of Nepal. However, 98 per cent of the sun would be blocked seen from Kalapani, Limpiyadhura and Lipulek areas of Nepal.

            Today's solar eclipse can be seen in the form of a total eclipse from Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Muscat, Yemen, Oman, southern Pakistan, Dehradoon and Kurukshetra of India, Tibet of China and other places, said Jayanta Acharya, senior astronomer and associate professor of theoretical astrology at the Valmeeki Bidyapeeth, Nepal Sanskrit University.

            It is said the sun would be covered almost 88 per cent from Kathmandu at 12:04 pm.

            The Takshyashila Astronomical Club has made arrangements for the safe viewing of the solar eclipse from the roof of its college building at Samakhusi. It is free of cost and be managed by maintaining social distancing.

            Similarly, Nepal Astronomical Society is directly broadcasting the eclipse through YouTube channel from its office at Battisputali.